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Nita Werner

President & CFO, Ornelas Enterprises, Inc

I was skeptical, but they were so certain this strategy would work, so convincing, I decided to trust them. What a good decision that was. The Second Wind team guided me through some hard times

Bob Flagg

President, Massachusetts Water Company

What do you get from our debt workout strategies?

Eliminate Debt Without Bankruptcy

Proven solutions

We evaluate your business and personal situation and determine a strategy best suited to reduce your business debt and personal guarantee.  

Stay in control

Our debt strategies are designed to avoid bankruptcy. No lengthy legal battles or attorney fees. Just a straightforward business strategy that works and eliminates debt.


Debt reduction is just one element of a successful turnaround.  We don't only eliminate debt for our clients, we show them how to grow their businesses and reach new levels of success through performance consulting and capital services. 

BBB Approved A+ Rating

We have been helping businesses for over 10 years. Our track record shows we care for our clients and we promise to give you an honest, common sense approach to your business debt issues.

We have the most ethical, realistic and responsible way to reduce or eliminate your unsupportable debt.

We have saved businesses from bankruptcy all over the country, working with every major bank and creditor.

Some of our debt reduction specialties are:

  • SBA Guaranteed Loans 
  • Merchant Cash Advances
  • Traditional Bank Loans
  • Avoid Debt Consolidation

I don’t review companies, as a rule. It’s very hard for me to give an endorsement to anybody. Just because you’re basically putting your own personal integrity on the line by endorsing anybody.

I actually wrote a review of Jared Nugent and Second Wind on Google and Yelp, and I’ve never done that before. I have a story that I tell everybody, when my customers come in. Second Wind got us out of basically going bankrupt. If I had not found Jared and Second Wind, I might be working at a bar somewhere to be honest.

I’d say there would have been 20 people without jobs, 20 people who couldn’t pay their rent, 20 people who couldn’t buy food for their kids.

We are a very specialized company. We do hand-built cables and boards for people that are works of art, that are hand-built. And the quality would be gone, the history would be gone, the knowledge would all be gone – without their help.

So when I tell people everything about Second Wind, I start out with that. I say that they saved us from the darkness. And I literally praise the day that I found them on Google. It was literally the best day ever when I found Second Wind. And I tell people that all the time.

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Know Every Option

You decide the path that is in your best interest.

  • Leases & Lines of Credit
  • Franchise Commitments
  • Avoid Chapter 11 Bankruptcy
  • Alternative to Attorneys